Building tomorrow

A concrete commitment

More than just complying with regulations

Our company extends its commitment to the future far beyond simply complying with current environmental regulations, committing to continuous research for innovation and the adoption of more sustainable and efficient technologies and processes.

Our vision is not limited to mitigating the negative effects of its operations, but aims to actively promote practices that contribute to the well-being of the global ecosystem. We work closely with suppliers and partners who share the same philosophy of sustainability, ensuring that the value chain as a whole reflects the same high environmental standards.

In addition, we are committed to raising awareness of environmental issues, actively involving customers, employees and the community in education and conservation initiatives. This holistic approach to sustainability demonstrates our true belief that real positive change is only possible through collective, integrated action.

We are Gold Member of the

Leather Working Group

In 2023, we reached a significant milestone by achieving the Leather Working Group certification
(LWG) with a score of 96.05%, which corresponds to the Gold level.

This recognition not only confirms our compliance with international standards in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, but also highlights its commitment to practices that limit pollution and promote environmental protection.

The numbers of our commitment



Photovoltaic capacity of our plant.



CO2 saved as of 31/12/2023



Standard coal saved as of 31/12/2023



Trees saved as of 31/12/2023

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