Special finishing techniques for leather and fabrics


Manual finishing

The great heritage of manual skills guarded by our craftsmen allows us to offer an extraordinary expertise in the application of sophisticated and refined finishing techniques such asairbrushing and the degradè, the classic infill and thevintage-style ageing, dripping in relief and/or with chromatic effects, brushing with paints including metallic, glitter, scratches and many others, both on semi-finished leathers and on cut panels. That’s why we are able to give each item a unique and distinctive character.

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Screen printing

Screen printing, enriched by the use of special inks, allows us to fully adapt our products, offering the possibility of printing on a wide range of formats and materials. This methodology guarantees us results of high precision and remarkable mechanical resistance.

Being a versatile technique, screen printing allows the application of any type of image, graphic or design on a wide variety of bases and surfaces, ensuring excellent print quality. Thanks to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are able to carry out scrupulous checks on color quality after each color step, intervening precisely to meet the desired standards.

We are able to create tailor-made prints, both in four-color and following specific palettes such as Pantone or Ral.

By incorporating screen printing into the application of hot foils and/or combining it with other processes, we introduce a higher level of sophistication into our creations.

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Film Application

Our wide assortment of films and transfers offers a wide range of patterns and colors for customizations and superior finishes, ensuring impressive results both aesthetically and functionally. Each film is, in fact, optimized to blend harmoniously with the underlying material.

Leather, due to its great adaptability, lends itself to numerous processing techniques that allow you to obtain diversified effects. An effective method to enhance the beauty of the leather is lamination, which consists of applying a very thin metal layer (available in a wide variety of colors), to give a shiny or satin effect to the material.

Ideal for the creation of footwear and bags, laminated leather requires the use of specific machinery which, through high temperatures, ensures the long-lasting adhesion of the metal to the surface of the leather. This extremely thin metal layer can be applied evenly or with custom designs, as required.

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Thanks to a great generational heritage in the finishing process and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to perform a variety of finishes, from extreme softness to sophisticated visual and tactile effects, both on whole leathers and on cut panels.

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Digital Printing

Our company stands out for its dedication to innovation in the field of digital printing, applying state-of-the-art methods on a wide range of materials, including leathers, whole fabrics, cut panels, and fabric reels. This approach allows us to offer unique and customized finishes.

Our UV printing technology, which uses instant drying of inks using UV rays, ensures high-quality prints with excellent color definition, ideal for leathers finished in black or colored, creating glossy, embossed or rubberized effects. The elastic inks used are completely odourless and environmentally friendly. Through their use, harmful chemicals and emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are eliminated.

We also offer acid printing, suitable for materials such as crust, nubuck and velour, and eco-solvent printing, perfect for light bases, liquid foils and varnishes, ensuring a faithful reproduction of shades. In addition, we continue to focus on eco-sustainable solutions, reinforcing our commitment to eco-sustainability.

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Laser Engraving & Cutting

Laser engraving is an effective and precision method of applying high-quality finishes to various types of leather, including natural leather, deerskin, and suede. This technology is particularly advantageous for a wide range of creative applications in the processing sector, such as bags, document holders, jewellery and footwear.

Through the adoption of high-level customizations, such as the engraving of logos or the creation of intricately cut details, it is possible to enhance leather products, giving them a marked added value. Laser technology facilitates the production of both single pieces and large quantities, optimizing costs and ensuring quality results.

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Precision Cutting

Our company has state-of-the-art cutting and centering systems, designed to deal with precision and attention to detail in the processing of large leathers, pre-cut panels and robust materials. This advanced technology guarantees excellent performance, optimising the production process and improving the quality of the finishes.

To further elevate the performance offered to customers, Mc Quadro constantly invests in Industry 4.0 solutions, adopting innovative cutting technologies. These solutions, designed to work on leather and supports of different types, simplify the workflow and ensure a perfect adhesion of the material, facilitating the realization of precision machining to create high quality products.

The integration of the software with the management system allows an efficient management of production data, optimizing the use of materials and promoting significant savings.

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High Frequency

With High Frequency (HF), you can achieve volumizing effects, raised textures, and three-dimensionality without compromising or damaging the structure of the supports. This technique is ideal for heat-sensitive materials such as leather, synthetic fabrics, plastics, coated or impactful fabrics.

In our departments, we offer high-frequency processing to enhance details on items for different application sectors such as clothing, leather goods and footwear, reaching processing dimensions up to 60cm x 110cm. Customization in HF can be expanded through spraying, digital printing, screen printing or other. We produce 3D labels, patches and customizations on various materials, extending their use to the automotive industry as well.

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