Mc Quadro

Workmanship + creativity elevated to technology

An integral part of the fashion system

At the service of top fashion brands

Mc Quadro is a creative platform capable of making the most complex ideas real. The deep culture of the raw material and the wide knowledge of its peculiarities, matured over the course of Fifty years of experience In the world of tannery and in the high fashion sector, animated by a strong technological vision, they allow us to interpret the innovative proposals coming from the most prestigious style offices of the top fashion brands.

Our vision is based on the harmony between craftsmanship and technological innovation. We are custodians of a great heritage of manual skills that we elevate by exploiting the most modern technologies. This approach allows us to create distinctive products that embody the prestige of Made in Italy by proposing, to the global fashion industry, unique solutions that combine cutting-edge aesthetics and functionality.

The perfect balance

Experience, creativity and technological innovation

Unique techniques and creative solutions. The great heritage of manual skills guarded by our artisans and a multiplicity of cutting-edge technologies, combined with the intuition of working directly on the cut have made us a strategic link in the supply chain for big brands and all companies that intend to reach a higher level of creativity and quality.

We have a modern structure of 2,000 square meters, 2 style and design divisions and 9 interconnected departments dedicated to transfer application, manual finishing finishing, digital, screen printing, high frequency, hot stamping, automatic cutting, laser cutting and quality control.
We design and implement projects on leather, fabrics and other supports, in different fields of application, from prototypes to mass production, respecting the strictest quality tests.

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Square meters

A state-of-the-art facility in the tanning district of Solofra (AV).



Dedicate yourself to special treatments on leather, fabric and other supports.

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Each project is the result of the combination of craftsmanship and technology

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Custodians of a great heritage of manual skills.

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