Physical Tests

Certified Quality

An in-house physical testing laboratory

Mc Quadro specializes in performing a wide range of accurate and reliable tests to ensure the quality and durability of products. We perform in-house strength tests such as the Veslic test, which evaluates abrasion resistance, the Martindale test for wear resistance, and the Bally test to evaluate abrasion and flexural resistance.
We also use a climate chamber to simulate various environmental conditions and test the resistance of products to extreme temperatures, humidity and other farm environments. Finally, we perform the drop test to evaluate water and weather resistance.

A full range of

Specific and customized tests

We are committed to offering testing services tailored to the unique needs of each partner, ensuring the highest precision and reliability results, right from the sampling and development of new items. We recognize that testing needs can vary widely, from standard chemical analysis to highly specific specialized testing. That’s why we are able to satisfy even the most particular requests through collaboration with selected partners, guaranteeing fast response times.
This approach allows us to offer a full range of tests, ensuring that our customers receive tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet their needs. Whether it’s developing new products, improving existing processes, or ensuring compliance with industry standards, we are the trusted partner for all your needs.

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